Paul Nodwell draws on almost 33 years of experience in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. He is a passionate student of the public realm and believes that great place-making cannot happen without listening to stakeholders, shaping the project around a big but not necessarily complex idea, and wherever possible, introducing  metaphorical and even poetic elements that engage the public in their own experience of the built environment.

Early in his career Paul’s work took him to Southern California with Peridian Group Landscape Architectes and to Paris, France with Walt Disney Imagineering, but he has enjoyed most, his participation in helping to shape the Greater Toronto Area. As part of the senior management team for the Town of Markham, Paul played a key role in bringing The New Urbanism to southern Ontario. In private practice, Paul has designed a myriad of public parks, streetscapes and condominiums. He has served as an integral project team member in the design of a number of new mixed use communities including Angus Glen, Cornell, The Galleria, Concord Floral, The Vaughan Metro Centre and Markham Centre.

Paul is the recipient of more than a dozen awards for urban design and landscape architecture. He enjoys his role on the City of Vaughan Design Review Panel, but even more, he enjoys the dip of his canoe paddle in a northern Ontario wilderness and the challenge of paints and a blank canvas.

(photo credit, Carrie Loring 2015)


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